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 Sonnenkrieg Division

This Statement of Reasons is based on publicly available information about Sonnenkrieg Division. To the Australian Government’s knowledge, this information is accurate, reliable and has been corroborated by classified information.

Name of the organisation

Sonnenkrieg Division (SKD; ‘Sun War Division’)

Legislative basis for listing a terrorist organisation

Division 102 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (the Criminal Code)provides that for an organisation to be listed as a terrorist organisation, the AFP Minister (Minister for Home Affairs) must be satisfied on reasonable grounds that the organisation:

  • is directly or indirectly engaged in, preparing, planning, or assisting in or fostering the doing of a terrorist act; or
  • advocates the doing of a terrorist act.

For the purposes of listing a terrorist organisation under the Criminal Code, the doing of a terrorist act includes the doing of a specific terrorist act, the doing of more than one terrorist act and the doing of a terrorist act, even if a terrorist act does not occur.

Background to this listing

SKD has not previously been listed as a terrorist organisation under the Criminal Code.

Details of the organisation

Organisational overview and objectives

SKD is a United Kingdom (UK)-based extreme right-wing organisation which adheres to a violent white-supremacist ideology inspired both by the historical National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi Party) and by the Satanic ‘Order of Nine Angles’ movement. SKD seeks to encourage lone-actor terrorist attacks against its political, racial and ethnic enemies, in order to bring about an apocalyptic ‘race war’ and the creation of a global ‘white’ ethno-state.

SKD was formed in March 2018 as a splinter group of System Resistance Network (SRN), which is proscribed by the UK Government as an alias of extreme right-wing terrorist organisation National Action.


Although SKD maintains a decentralised structure, its nominal leader is co-founder Andrew Dymock.


SKD exists primarily through online communication channels, and the total number of members and supporters is unknown. In the UK, membership is punishable by imprisonment due to the group being proscribed.


SKD’s activities are likely self-funded by members due to its decentralised structure.

Links to other terrorist organisations

Some SKD members are former members of SRN and National Action, which are proscribed by the UK.

SKD is ideologically aligned with the United States (US)-based white-supremacist organisation Atomwaffen Division (AWD), and SKD members have previously had contact with members of AWD. AWD was officially disbanded in March 2020.

Terrorist activity

Advocates the doing of a terrorist act

SKD members, acting on behalf of the organisation, have encouraged, promoted and glorified terrorist acts through online propaganda.

  • In June 2019, two SKD members were convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for encouraging terrorism. The offenders publicly advocated violence, including sexual violence, against their enemies and called for attacks against people with non-‘white’ sexual partners. This included publication of an image depicting Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, being shot in the head alongside the words “see you later, race traitor”.
  • SKD members have encouraged, promoted and glorified terrorist acts through online channels, including through online publication of the following material branded with the SKD logo:
    • An image of a person performing a Nazi salute alongside a declaration that “terror is the only thing they understand”
    • An image of a person attacking a female police officer, alongside a direction to “rape the cops”
    • An image of a woman being hanged, alongside a declaration that “race-mixing whores” should be executed
    • An image glorifying convicted Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in the 2011 Oslo/Utoya attacks.

SKD’s encouragement, promotion and glorification of terrorism has inspired UK-based extremists. This includes two convicted terrorist offenders who are assessed to have been inspired by SKD.

  • In September 2019, an SKD supporter was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for possession of terrorist material. The material included manuals for creating homemade weapons and explosives, and was likely intended by the offender to be used in planning terrorist acts.
  • In January 2020, a Durham, UK teenager was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for preparation for a terrorist act and dissemination of a terrorist publication. The offender had identified potential targets for a terrorist attack, including places associated with ‘the Jewish system’, and had sought to purchase an explosive precursor.

Other considerations

Links to Australia

Australians are not directly involved in SKD. However, SKD’s encouragement, promotion and glorification of lone-actor attacks could inspire some Australian extremists, and the availability of SKD propaganda online has potential to contribute to the radicalisation of others.

Threats to Australian interests

SKD has not made statements specifically threatening Australians or Australian interests, but adheres to an ideology that is violently opposed to multi-ethnic Western societies. The UK has a high population of Australians, and Australians have been killed and injured in previous terrorist attacks in the UK. There is a possibility that a lone-actor attack directed or inspired by SKD could result in harm to Australians.

Listings by likeminded countries or the United Nations

SKD was proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the UK Government in February 2020.

Engagement in peace or mediation processes

SKD is not involved in any peace or mediation processes.


The Australian Government assesses that the organisation known as Sonnenkrieg Division advocates the doing of a terrorist act.​​​​​​​