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 Transcript—Chemical Security for Employees

[Image shows an animated map of Australia]
Narrator: The threat from terrorism in Australia is real. Homemade explosives and toxic weapons can be made from chemicals many of us deal with in our everyday work.

[Image changes to show an animated figure pour a bag of chemicals into a blender, and mixes. Empty containers lie discarded nearby]

[Image changes to show an animated figure in a laboratory type setting with chemical containers labelled hazardous]

[Image changes to show an animated map of Australia with little figures of people all popping up, indicating a sense of community]

But we can all contribute to keeping Australia safe and secure.

[Image changes to show the front cover of The National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern]

The National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern explains practical things you can do to help keep chemicals secure in your workplace.

[Image changes to show the chemical containers being secured in a cupboard and a shed]
[Image changes to show “Manager” holding a clipboard and standing at a counter with chemical containers]

If you sell or handle chemicals as part of your job, you can apply the tips from the Code to help build a strong chemical security culture.

[Image changes to show “Manager” watching a staff member inspecting chemical containers]

Be aware of the risks and pay attention to suspicious activities.

[Image changes to show an animated figure watching a “customer” who is acting suspiciously whilst standing in front of a cupboard of chemical containers]

You might notice a customer who seems to be nervous or acting strangely.

[Image changes to show a “staff member” looking furtively over shoulder and then slips into restricted chemical storage]

Or a fellow worker who is acting suspiciously.

[Image changes to show an animated figure taking photographs outside a shop]

It could be someone taking photos of the premises or paying too much attention to your security.

[Image changes to show an odd combination of chemicals piled up on the counter. An animated figure appears behind them ready to pay, a question mark appears over their head as they look at the chemicals]

Someone buying an unusual amount, or odd combination of chemicals, but doesn’t know their proper use.

[Image changes to show an animated figure standing in front of a cupboard full of chemical containers and ticking them off a checklist. They pause at an empty section of shelf where more chemicals are supposed to be]

Missing stock.

[Image changes to show an animation of a truck delivering chemical containers to a suburban address]

Or a customer wanting commercial quantities delivered to a residential address.

[Image changes to show an animated figure working at their computer. Green envelopes are rising from their monitor, but then zoom in on the computer screen that has a big question mark on it. The figures expression changes to one of concern]

Consider if there is anything odd about any online order. Have they made repeated orders in a short space of time? Emailed asking unusual questions or requesting a strange delivery address? Has the order come from an odd IP address or location?

[Image changes to show an animated figure taking photographs outside a shop the “Manger” comes along and the figure walks off]

You know your workplace, and you know when something just doesn’t feel right. Trust your instincts. Report your concerns to the National Security Hotline.

[Image changes to show an animation of a truck collecting chemical containers from a suburban home, and then changes to show a person across the street looking at this with an expression of concern]

You can help keep dangerous chemicals away from terrorists. Know the chemicals. Know the risks. Know the code.

For a copy of the code go to

[Text appears on screen: If you suspect it, report it, chemical security. National Security Hotline 1800 123 400]

[Coat of Arms appears on screen with text: Australian Government]