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 Transcript—Chemical security for employees video

[Image show footage of a news report being played on a television. Sirens can be heard and a reporter 'these are the devastating scenes unfolding as emergency crews rush to tend to the wounded']

[Image changes to show John sitting at the kitchen table watching the television. The voice of the reporter continues to be heard 'the number of causalities is not yet known and the source of the blast is yet to be confirmed, however, police will be mounting a full investigation']

[Image show John's wife entering the room and puts her hand on his shoulder. The voice of the reporter continues to be heard 'police are currently seeking any information on a white van that could be related to the...']

John's wife: What's going on?

John: There's been an explosion. It looks real bad. People have been hurt.

John's wife:  How could this happen?

John: I have no idea. Someone has really messed-up.

[Image changes to show footage of the events that unfolded being played in reverse. A man can be seen getting into a white van, leaving a carpark and then moves to show John greeting him as he's stacking shelves in a warehouse type setting]

John: Oh, hi there.

[Image shows the customer handing a piece of paper over to John]

Male: Can you guys do all that?

[Image shows John reading the piece of paper]

John: You must have a pretty massive backyard.

Male: It's not all for me, mate.

John: Fair enough—you got an account with us?

Male: I'll pay cash.

John: Well I'm gonna... I, ah, need to see some ID.

Male: Why?

John: It's company policy, mate.

Male: Look, I don't have time for all this.

John: Alright, no worries, why don't you head around to the loading dock and I'll see what I can do.

[Image changes to show the same customer John just served in a garage mixing and pouring chemicals into glass beakers]

[Image changes to show John knocking on the door of a woman who's seated at a desk reading]

Female: Yes, John.

[Image shows John handing the piece of paper he received from the customer over to female]

John: And he said he wants to pay cash.

[Image shows the female nodding as she hands the piece of paper back to John]

[Image changes to show the same customer John just served in a garage soldering wires. He then shuts the garage door and drives away in a white van]

[Image shows John pushing a trolley through the shop and collecting the items from the customers list]

[Image changes back to show the footage played at the beginning where there has been an explosion]

[Image changes back to show John now packing the items into the boot of the customer's white van]

John: Sorry pal, we're a few bags short, but the guys, they're going to see if we can some more.

[Screen turns black and text appears on screen: Suspect it? Report it.]

[Logo and text appears on screen: If you suspect it report it, chemical security. National Security Hotline 1800 123 400,,]

[Image changes to show the Commonwealth Coat of Arms with text: Australian Government]