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Crowded places

Crowded Places are attractive terrorist targets. Learn what you need to do as a business to protect your site and what you can do as an individual to keep yourself safe.

​​​​​​​​Hostile vehicle attacks

The use of a vehicle as a weapon in a terrorist attack continues to be a popular method for terrorist groups. Attacks of this nature require minimal capability, but can have a devastating impact if targeted towards crowded places.​

The most likely targets of hostile vehicles are spaces occupied by a critical mass of people at a particular time, where the aim of an attack is to cause death or injury to large numbers of people.

Owners and operators must know how to protect their space. This includes understanding the threat of hostile vehicle attacks.

Characteristics of hostile vehicle attacks

A hostile vehicle attack is when a vehicle is driven into an area with the aim of causing death or injury to large numbers of people.

The vehicle can be used to cause:

  • injury
  • death
  • disrupted business.

Terrorists can also use hostile vehicle attacks to gain publicity for a cause.

Possible methods of hostile vehicle attacks include:

  • exploiting gaps in site defences
  • tailgating through an active barrier system
  • tampering with barriers to access later
  • ramming people and structures
  • entry by deception to access restricted areas
  • violence or threats against a security guard or employee to open a barrier.

Protecting your crowded ​place

Using appropriate physical barriers in your space reduces the impact of hostile vehicle attacks.

Conduct a site assessment to identify the most suitable barriers for your site.

Barriers can be natural or manufactured.

Examples of natural barriers:

  • large boulders
  • trees
  • ditches
  • running rivers
  • creeks.

Examples of manufactured barriers:

  • steps
  • columns
  • sculptures.

Hostile Vehicle Guidelines for Crowded Places

Read the Hostile Vehicle Guidelines for Crowded Places for more information on how to protect your crowded place.​

If you are a member of the public find out What to do in an attack.​