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Australia's Counter-Terrorism Strategies

​​​​​​Australia's Counter-Terrorism Strategy and National Counter-Terrorism Plan ensure that Australia is one step ahead of terrorist acts.

Safeguarding Our Community Together - ​Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy 2022

Our strategy to prevent terrorism and violent extremism outlines Australia’s counter-terrorism environment and what our government is doing to respond.

The purpose of Australia’s counter-terrorism effort is to safeguard Australia, its people and its interests from the harms of terrorism and violent extremism. This will be achieved through:

  1. countering violent extremism in all its forms by preventing radicalisation of individuals before an attack takes place, and rehabilitating and reintegrating violent extremist offenders
  2. equipping our law enforcement, security intelligence and other operational agencies with the resources and powers to tackle terrorist threats
  3. ensuring our counter-terrorism arrangements are resilient, collaborative, consistent and proportionate both nationally and internationally.

Read Safeguarding Our Community Together - Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy 2022​.

National Counter-Terrorism Plan

Australia's Counter-Terrorism Strategy is supported by a National Counter-Terrorism Plan which outlines how we all must face the challenge of terrorism tog​ether. The Plan sets out the ways Australia prepares for, responds to, investigates and recovers from terrorist acts.

Read the National Counter-Terrorism Plan.​​​​​